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1. Why have you picked the Siberian Husky?
2. What research have you done to find out about the Siberian Husky breed?
3. Have you ever owned a Siberian Husky orother breed of dog before?
Do you still have this dog/s? If not, what happened to this dog/s?
4. Do you have a fenced yard?
5. Height and type of fencing?
6. Are you aware a Siberian is NEVER an off-leash dog except in a confined area?
7. Do you own any pets at the present time? Please list.
8. Are you single, married or in a committed relationship?
9. Are there children in the household? If so, what ages?
10. Do you rent or own a home? If renting, does the landlord allow pets?
11. What is your occupation/profession? What is your spouse's or partner's occupation/profession?
12. Does everyone in the family agree that a Siberian Husky should become the family member?
13. How many hours per day would the puppy be alone? Where would the puppy be kept when alone?
14. Where would the puppy sleep?
15. Are you interested in a male or female puppy?
16. Do you have a color preference? Grey, red, black?
17. Please list the name and telephone number for veterinarian:
18. Please list 2 personal references. Please include telephone numbers and email.
19. Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?
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