Our Kennel

Joe and I have trained and bred Siberian Huskies for 50 years and over 200 titles. Between us we have over two hundred conformation and obedience titles. The “MIDNIGHT SUN” philosophy is one of soundness in temperament, movement and general health. Joe passed away in 2008 but will always be very much a part “of the Midnight Sun”.

OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN KENNELS is based upon old line Monadnock breeding stock. However, there are numerous champions of other lines on the premises, and healthy out cross breedings are often done to preserve the genetic variability and health of our dogs.

Our home and business is a boarding kennel and pet shipping business in Nathrop and our hobby, or as some would call it our “vocation” is Siberian Huskies. Our dogs have traveled all over the world, both as top winning international champions and simple companions. Our intentions have always been to breed sound dogs capable of performing the tasks their ancestors were depended upon for, while still remaining competitive in today’s Show and Obedience ring, and being wonderful family companions.

We have puppies and adults available. All of our adult dogs are OFA and CERF certified, all puppies are permanently identified by microchip, and have a written replacement warranty.